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Astounding Sea Beaches in India

A perfect getaway is one of the important solutions which can help you revive your love back or, to spend a quality time with your partner. Imagine yourself giving a break to you and your partner from your daily schedule and heading towards something more exciting, a nice and calm trip which will help you even the solitude. Here are few of the best sea beaches in India, which you should definitely visit in case you feel the need of boosting up the romance bit in your life.

Angoda Beach, Goa:
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The stretch of this beach which is usually quite long as well as isolated makes this magnificent beach one the best places you can be at in order to spend a nice, romantic and quality time with your partner. This beach is not at all crowded, and is basically a place which is meant for complete relaxation and peace, so if you are looking for the same, you now know where to go. Accommodation can be chosen as a real simple hut, which exists on the beach itself, here you will be glad by looking at the motionlessness of the nature. You can expect this beach with some of the foreign tourists, but this will not make this place look jam packed or crowded at all. It is located in the South Goa; do try being there whenever you get time to visit Goa.

Lighthouse Beach, Kovalam Kerala:

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This is the southernmost beach which is located in Kerala, and is one of those frequent beaches which experience a good number of tourists every year. Another interesting fact about this astonishing beach is, that it was the most popular beaches during the hippy era, isn’t that exciting? So, why would you take a chance of missing this place when you are in Kerala? Another thing which might give you a push towards this beach is, that it is not one of those ordinary beaches, it has a really high standard and attracts a lot of tourists from Europe and Israel.


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India is also known for food as well as some of the famous tourist attraction points. Delhi is capital of India which also known for food as well as some of the gorgeous tourist attraction points. Though this city is full of amazing places but some of them are really gorgeous and are of sorts that will leave a very strong and beautiful imprint in your mind. You can get Flights for India by travel agent from Australia, who can assist to you travel in Indian places where you would like to visit in India.

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Explore North East of Republic of India and its most enchanting destinations:

The North-East Republic of India is home to varied variety of social group teams (almost 166). Every tribe has their own distinct culture, which provides them a singular cultural identity. Several of art forms and festivals of the region are intrinsic a part of its wealthy culture and tradition. Several of festivals like Bihu, Nongkrem and Durga along with Karchi Puja are a number of the foremost necessary festivals, that are mirror to wealthy socio-cultural lifetime of North-East Republic of India.

Dance forms like Garia, Bizu, Hai Hak and Manipuri square measure essential a part of cultural and spiritual celebration of North-eastern tribes. Performed in teams, music and dance kinds of North-east square measure fine feast for travelers to observe.

Attractions to cerebrate

Shrouded by mighty range hills, the whole North-East region is believed to be one in the entire foremost stunning region in South Asia in terms of taking Brobdingnagian opportunities of touristy. The dense forests lying in foothills of range hills are beautiful in their natural beauty, and are home to several of life parks together with Manas parkland and Kaziranga parkland, that area unit wildlife Heritage web site. Besides, varied of pretty waterfalls and caves area unit another stunning attraction of the wondrous land of North-East Republic of India.

Activities you’ll be able to enroll into:

Regarded as one in all the simplest nation-states to get pleasure from eco incautious within the entire South Asia, North-East Asia is so paradise for nature lovers. Wealthy natural heritage together with line of range hills, pervasive dense forests, pretty waterfalls and caves let holidaymaker indulge into variety of activities. The simplest one will develop whereas o traveling to North-East region is eco journey activities like Trekking, froth Rafting, mountain climbing, life Explorations and Para-Gliding.